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We make chess easy!! Find all your chess tournament, school or chess club supplies right here in one place. Chess4Champs can provide chessboards, chess pieces, game clocks, tournament totes along with training DVDs, educational books, and even travel chess sets. Teach your children how to play chess in less than 40 minutes and give them the tools needed to build and improve their self esteem. Chess is the number one game played throughout the world. Chess is a timeless game enjoyed by both young and old alike. Chess teaches patience, strategy, and discipline to individuals of all ages, and especially beneficial for children and youth. If you’ve always wanted to get your kids excited about chess, but weren’t sure how, we have your answer!

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of parents who want to teach their kids the game of chess.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Training Guide for Beginners
  • Strategic Skill Guide
  • Steps for Expanding Knowledge
Chess4Champs is your #1 source for all chess tournament, school or club supplies. Now offering a Free Chess Rule Book and DVD* with the purchase of any chess combo set.
Free Chess Rule Book with DVD!!
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The DGT NA offers 10 different methods for registering the timing of agame between two players. Several of these methods have been in use for a longtime; others are the result of the possibilities offered by modern electronics.
DGT North American
Recommended to All Tournament Players
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Learn to play chess. We have put together a complete package to get you started playing the game of chess. Our chess learning kit comes with basic chess pieces, tournament roll-up chessboard, signature big tote chess bag, a Parent's Guide to Chess booklet with DVD, and we have also included Comprehensive Chess Course Volume 1 Learn Chess in 12 Lesson by Roman Pelts and GM Lev Alburt.
Chess Learning Kit
Recommended to All Tournament Players
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